What We Do

A message from Jeff Waites

Executive Director, Global Village Renewal



Global Village Renewal staff and volunteers are working in Tamil Nadu, India.

We are working to keep Dalit families intact and healthy. The Dalit, or untouchables, live in villages where there is no indoor plumbing. There are no restrooms or outhouses even. One water well serves the entire community. With no sewage treatment and little education about hygiene, disease is ever-present.

We are working to educate children. The children of Tamil Nadu face many obstacles that prevent most from receiving an adequate education.

Because there are no bathrooms, the girls of the villages often quit school by age 10 simply for modesty reasons. Boys usually drop out by age 12. Instead of being able to stay in school and prepare for a better future, their families rely on the $1 or $2 the boys earn from a day’s work in the fields.

For many Dalit families, every member of the household able to work does so just to provide for their necessities. Disease and death take many. Children who have lost one or both parents, or the wife who has lost her husband, face a desperate future. For many orphans and widows, their future is one marked by desperate poverty.

Global Village Renewal is in Tamil Nadu, bringing children, widows and families a better life.

  • We are building restrooms and instructing villagers about hygiene.
  • We are providing after school tutoring and enrichment programs for the students.
  • We are building and equipping new schools. The girls and boys of the villages will be able to complete their education and create a better future for themselves and their children.
  • We are building and staffing an orphan-widow home. Here, the least among the villagers will have a safe place to live and share meals.

The work is hard. The reward is life itself for the children, women and men of Tamil Nadu.

Your help is needed. Global Village Renewal has identified three Priority Projects that can raise the oppressed, make an immediate impact, and provide for a better future.

The three Priority Projects are:

  • Build an elementary school in Pidaripattu Village
  • Build an elementary school in Periyathur Village
  • Build a home for orphans and widows in Perani

Information about each of these projects can be found on this web site. Please prayerfully consider how you can help Global Village Renewal bring new life to Tamil Nadu’s untouchables.