Our History

Global Village Renewal has been lifting children, orphans, women and families of rural southern India from the lowest depths of extreme poverty since 2008.

Our start

After volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in Birmingham, Alabama, Global Village Renewal’s Executive Director Jeff Waites made his first visit to Tamil Nadu, India to build homes in 2007. During the two weeks he was there, Jeff knew this is the place and these are the people he is called to serve.

On that Habitat trip, Jeff worked with Rural Education and Action for Liberation (REAL) and its director, Lawrence. Jeff saw that Lawrence was relentless in his devotion to these people and tireless in his efforts to give them better lives.

Jeff knew he had to go back to Tamil Nadu. He returned that same year and sought out Mr. Lawrence. Jeff asked a simple question: “How can I help these people.”

Brought together with a single purpose, Global Village Renewal was born and its partnership with REAL was established.

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Keezhvailambur. And beyond.

It took five years of dedicated struggle, but Executive Director Jeff Waites’ call never wavered. In 2012, Global Village Renewal built its first school, a four-classroom building that serves the rural village of Keezhvailambur in Tamil Nadu. But it takes more than a building to educate the children.

Global Village Renewal provides tutors who not only support what the children are learning in the classroom, but who also use dance, play time and other activities to encourage teamwork and develop self-confidence.

While the school provides the education needed to help the children rise from poverty, the physical act of constructing the building helped families and the entire village. Global Village Renewal used local villagers exclusively to build the school. Their pride in their workmanship, their contribution to a better tomorrow, remains evident today.

Currently, children from several nearby villages attend the Keezhvailambur school. Jeff’s call, received in 2007 and physically manifested with the school’s construction in 2012, is changing lives today and will for generations.

After working five years to see the first school built, more Global Village Renewal projects soon followed.

  • The Keezhvailambur school has been repainted, we’ve installed ceiling fans, teacher storage areas and blackboards.
  • In Anilady, the largest village Global Village Renewal currently supports, we have renovated a deteriorating school and built two additional classrooms.
  • The Anilady school’s kitchen was too small to actually function as a kitchen. The children’s meals were prepared outside in a public area that was not hygienic. During the monsoon season, the outdoor kitchen could not even be used and children were deprived of their midday meal. For most, this is their only meal of the day.
  • In 2015, Global Village Renewal renovated and enlarged the indoor kitchen. Now, cooks are able to work year-round, even during monsoon season, and the children enjoy a nutritious meal prepared in a clean environment.
  • Global Village Renewal has renovated the Anilady school’s bathrooms, installed a sanitary septic system and provided a work room for teachers to hold meetings and prepare their lessons.
  • Global Village Renewal raised funds to purchase 65 beds for children at Sister Joachim’s orphanage in Sathangkuppam.

Working hand-in-hand with Rural Education and Action for Liberation, our partner in India, Global Village Renewal selects the projects we support.

Every project decision we make is considered against a single, important guideline: Does this fulfill the call Executive Director Jeff Waites received in 2007 to lift the children, orphans, women and families from the depth’s of extreme poverty?

Our next Priority Projects have been identified

The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few. Donations and volunteers make building and maintaining the infrastructure that will support these forgotten villagers possible.

Much has been accomplished, but more work remains in this special region in Tamil Nadu. Global Village Renewal has targeted its next Priority Projects.

“Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of orphans; plead the case of the widow.”